Sunday, September 17, 2017

Teagan is 5! - Quad Cities Photographer

This gorgeous girl is 5!  I loved doing this photo session that was all for her, all about her interests and featured who she is in all her spunk and awesomeness!  I have gotten to photograph Teagan and her sister and parents several times now and I always look forward to my sessions with them.

Teagan's mom and I were DYING in this moment.  We came up to this wall and I asked Teagan to stand by the wall and hold out 5 fingers for her age.  She promptly turned away from me, popped her hip and held her 5 fingers up just as I had asked.  Look at that attitude!  SO FUNNY and not exactly what I was envisioning, but made for a picture that I LOVE!  She then turned around and worked the camera while facing me as well.  Love her!

Teagan's parents brought along some of her favorite things...her bike she just recently learned how to ride without training wheels, a little surprise LEGO gift she could open and art supplies.  I loved capturing her with the things she loves...and she was excited too!

This little sweetie is so beautiful inside and out!  Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

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