Friday, October 21, 2016

The Eyburg Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

A couple of things...first of all...coolest family ever.  You will see what I mean once you scroll me.

Second of all...can I just do ALL of my sessions like this?  Like this is my "thing"...if you want a session with me, it HAS to be like this one.

Third...this looks innocent right?  Just a lovely family in the crisp white and jeans in the fall.

Just wait.

Uh oh...

It didn't take long for everyone to get the hang of what was happening!

At some moments, Caitlin and Ryan MIGHT have forgotten they had kids with them in this fight!

There was ganging up happening at times too!

Teagan had pretty much the best time ever!

Reagan was freezing!  She managed to enjoy the fight though!

Mom and Dad CLEARLY couldn't keep their hands to themselves! LOL

I've noticed a trend in this type of picture for the Eyburgs!  The first session I did with them, Teagan has forming a smile on her sister's face! :) SO funny!

While the girls warmed up in towels, Mom and Dad had some more fun!

Most fun session EVER!
I'm not sure how successful my business would be if I required all of my clients had paint fights during their sessions, but it sure would be FUN!

Thank you for always being so fun to photograph, you guys!  I can't wait for you to see ALL of the pictures!  How are we ever going to top this session?!

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