Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Link Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

I was super excited when Amy contacted me about photographing her family.  Amy is such an amazing person and has been so wonderful since we met her a few years ago when she worked with our son before, during and after his transplant.  She helped us so much.  She is such a good person and I knew that her family would be amazing too.

Boy was I right!

A picture perfect family!

They were all so wonderful to spend some time with.  Such great was at least 137 degrees out this evening and they never complained once!

Okay, maybe Jackson complained for just a split second when I mentioned that I was going to make them all kiss each other!  Ha!

Morgan was a dream...and with that sparkle in her eyes and those adorable freckles, I could have photographed her all day!

Jackson was so incredibly cooperative and kind.  What boy his age likes getting their pictures taken?  Not many!  He was amazing...never showing any discontent with having a camera in his face. :)

Sophia is at that age that I adore photographing and she did not disappoint.  The missing tooth, the freckles, the sparkle in her, she is a DOLL!

The kids are only so amazing because of their awesome parents...

It was hot you guys, like SUPER hot and steamy, but this family still smiled, laughed and at least ACTED like they were having fun through it all!

I sure had fun photographing them!

Thank you guys for making the trip to the Quad Cities...I am so thrilled I had the pleasure of photographing you.   You are an amazing family, beautiful inside and out!

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