Thursday, July 16, 2015

Jake's Senior Portraits - Quad Cities Senior Portrait Photographer

I have been super fortunate to have amazing seniors to photograph...especially amazing Senior boys!  I love photographing Senior girls as they tend to be more willing to be photographed, but no one can deny that typically boys at this age aren't super fond of getting their pictures taken.  However, I haven't had a problem....all of mine have been so cooperative and willing to be in front of my lens!  Jake was no different...I really enjoyed my time with him and he was so cooperative and kind and willing to do whatever I asked!  I'm growing to really love Senior Portraits as it's so much different from the family portrait sessions I tend to be so busy with!

Jake's passion is golf...he plays for the golf team and definitely wanted to represent his passion for golf in his Senior Portraits.  So, the first place we went was the golf course!  It couldn't have been a more beautiful morning for it!

Jake has a plan for his future, he is a smart, easy going boy that will do great things in life.

I have a feeling he'll be wearing  a lot black and gold in his future...well, at least I was trying to talk him into it! 

No matter where he goes, it doesn't take a genius to see that he is going to be successful.  He has a bright future ahead of him for sure!

Thank you, Jake for making my job yesterday morning so enjoyable!  I enjoyed getting to know you and spending the morning with you!  Best wishes as you complete your last year of high school and head out on your journey to college!  Can't wait to hear of all of your successes in the future!

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