Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Alice ~ 6 days new - Quad Cities Newborn Photographer

Alice is home and all is right in her world. :)

I loved getting to capture her in her home and with her family!

At 6 days new, she already knows how to work the camera!

The dimple!!!!  AHHHH...sooo adorable!  This girl is a prodigy...she smiles constantly!

There isn't a lack of pink in her the only daughter of the family, they were due for some pink in their home!

Mommy love images are so beautiful to me!

That dimple and that smile again!!!

Jamie is one blessed mama!
3 beautiful children to love!

This session tired Alice out...

...not before one last family image...the recreation of a family image I captured just a few weeks before her arrival when Jamie was still pregnant.  Boy was Alice happy to be showing her face in this one!

Pure perfection...

Love you guys!

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