Friday, September 6, 2013

Molly's Senior Portraits - Quad Cities Photographer

This was my first attempt at Senior Portraits.  I've photographed teenage girls before within family sessions, but I was nervous.  I mean, pretty much until I walked up and met beautiful Molly and her amazing mom.  The nerves went away.

I mean, who wouldn't want to photograph this beautiful girl?!

It was so much fun and Molly was amazing to work with!

With my style of photography, I am not one to pose my subjects.  I will direct them a bit, but typically there are other people that my subjects are able to interact with in pictures and I am able to capture those candid moments.  So images of just one subject can be difficult.

Not for Molly!  She knew just what to do in front of the camera and followed my instructions with a smile on her face. :)

My camera loved her...

And her mom was amazing as well.  And I was able to capture a few images of mom and her baby.
Love this shot...

What a great way to break me into Senior Portraits!  Not sure where this will lead or if I will do many Senior Portraits each year, but at least I have a bit more of a feel for it now and actually can say that I enjoyed it!  I have 2 more sessions this fall that I am now really looking forward to!

Thank you Molly and Karen for being so wonderful to work with!

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