Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A wonderful family! - Quad Cities Family Photographer

As a photographer, you are thrown into situations oftentimes that are uncomfortable initially.  I don't get uncomfortable very easily and so I suppose that is one of the reasons this line of work fits very well with my personality.  However, who wouldn't be a little nervous or uncomfortable going to a photo session in a place you've never photographed with a large group of people you've never met?  The good thing is that I did know one of the families in this amazing group of people.  I had photographed them a while back and knew that since they were related to the others in this clan, likely, it would be a fun evening.  I was right. :)  And we were in Bellevue, Iowa...BEAUTIFUL!
I believe you can just tell by looking at this image what a great group they are!
All the kids...on Grandpa's Edsel. :)

And these 2 were so much fun!  No wonder the entire group was so great...it all started with these two!

I took photographs of the entire group, the individual families, each couple and the kids as well.
It was the perfect evening for it and I had the perfect subjects! 

I can't look at this image without laughing!  This group was so fun...we laughed the entire time!

We went to a few locations, one of which was a restaurant that this family has owned for over 20 years.  They had never been photographed at their restaurant!  And it was such a beautiful place!  This group was so welcoming and even offered to feed me at their restaurant when our shoot was over!  Their restaurant is Spruce Harbor Inn.  Check it out!

What a good looking family!

And this group is the one who put this whole session together!  I met them over a year ago when I photographed their family for the first time.  They are just such kind and genuine people who I am blessed to have met.

And they are always fun to photograph!  I look forward to hopefully having the opportunity to photograph them more in the future!

These 2 brothers cooperated the whole time.  I might have laughed the whole time I photographed them!  They knew JUST what to do in front of the camera...naturals these 2. ;) 

And this photogenic group of siblings were so cooperative and sweet!  Lucas is verging on needing senior pictures, so I made him practice some traditional senior picture poses during our session. ;)  Ha.

And these 2 brothers always help me to get those candid shots I love.  Ryan (the youngest) is so funny and busy and reminds me so much of my oldest!  And Colin is just a go with the flow older brother...so willing to cooperate for pictures...that's not always easy to find in a boy his age!

So the nerves that come with photographing a new group in a new place?  They lasted about 3.2 seconds for me thanks to the warm welcome and kindness of this clan.  What an amazing group of people and what a pleasure it was to photograph each and every one of them!
 Thank you so much, Frank Family for making me feel so welcome and all being so cooperative and fun to work with!  You all made my job so fun and easy...and the Edsel and the beautiful property at Spruce Harbor Inn were such a wonderful bonus! :)

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  1. Looks like the perfect "FUN" family and good looking too!! LOVE the car... great pics all around!! : )