Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Awesome Twins! - Quad Cities Children Photographer

This was my first meeting with 3 year old twins, Jonathon and Alaina.  If you're anything like me and know how hard it can be to photograph children, the thought of photographing 3 year old twins would make you nervous.  I always want to deliver images that my clients will cherish and LOVE, not just like.  I know that it can be difficult to get even one 3 year old to willingly look at me with a genuine smile on his/her face, let alone TWO!  I said a prayer and headed out in the brisk weather to my session.
Oh my, these 2 (and their parents) were AWESOME!  Smiling from the moment their parents pulled them out of their car, I knew instantly that this session would go JUST fine! :) 

I mean, it was chilly to say the least and I was hoping the session would go super smoothly as to not make these two and their poor parents be outside for too long.  It went better than I could have dreamed and they cooperated from beginning to end with smiles on their faces nearly the entire time.  I am not going to lie...I could have just loaded them up in my car and taken them home with me! :)

Sweet Alaina was so obedient and immediately did whatever I asked of her!

She and her brother have incredible eyes...

I love this shot of her, mid air.  I asked her to show me how high she could jump, so she did...over and over.  I love it! :)

And Jonathon had the BEST laugh!  During a little race between he and Alaina, he bit the dust pretty hard.  In about 3.2 seconds, he was smiling and laughing again...

Those eyes...eek!

I think my favorite shots are the REAL moments captured.  Those moments that display who they are at this age.  I asked Jonathon to kiss his sister...he licked her cheek instead...pretty much the same thing. ;)

However, like a lady, there was no licking for Alaina...just a sweet kiss while her brother giggled.
LOVE this shot too!

Oh man, had it been warmer, I don't know that I could have stopped clicking that shutter!  It was so fun spending some time with these 2 and their parents were amazing and laid back and willing to let me drag them around wherever I wanted.  Such a great family...I could tell in just the short time I was with them.

Thank you guys for kicking off my spring photo sessions with a BANG!  Loved meeting you all and hope to see you again!

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