Monday, November 19, 2012

A White Lie - Quad Cities Family Photographer

I call this amazing group family. It's just a white lie. They are technically not family, but my sister's in it counts right? Well I don't care if it does, I'm claiming them as family. I love them like family and can't imagine them not in our lives!
Not a whole lot more I can say about this family other than they are amazing...the nicest, most fun and down to earth people...amazing.
And seriously, they make BEAUTIFUL children!
Meet Drew and Haidyn...

Gorgeous eyes, personality and smile...

She was hungry, it was almost lunch...

This one was incredibly cooperative...he is about the most photogenic little boy ever too!

And he got the eyes too...seriously, a photographer's dream!

And apparently they had one of the worst nights of sleep of their lives the night before this photoshoot...oh, and it was COLD out!
You would never know by the looks of these pictures though!

It's almost not fair that they are so stinkin' cute...and also not fair that they aren't ACTUALLY my sister is pretty blessed that she doesn't have to tell the same white lie I have to in order to claim them as family!
 Love you guys!  So glad I was able to photograph your awesome family!

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  1. We can't imagine YOU not in our lives! Your one of the MOST giving, kind hearted, compassionate people I know! So so lucky to call YOU family!!!!!Thank you for capturing our family, so proud of each of them! I'm a very blessed mama and so happy to have AWESOME pics to show off :) Thanks for fitting us into your life!!!!! love you!!!!