Friday, July 27, 2012

Blessed Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

We all know that when you get a large group of people together, things can be tense.  You have lots of different personalities and opinions in 1 place at 1 time.  It can be super fun, it can make you look around and feel so blessed by how many amazing loved ones you have.  It can also be frustrating and awkward and uncomfortable in some cases.  That's just how it is when you get a large group together, be it family, friends or a mix.  This family though?  They were incredible, and it is clear that they were all feeling so they should.  What a fun, warm, inviting group of people they are.  They truly enjoy each other and love each other and exude happiness.  This makes for a great setup for me to photograph!  So while photographically capturing a group this large could be a recipe for disaster, it was so much fun with these wonderful people!

The extended Gossett Family...
The Robersons...

The Curleys...

The Moes...

Grandpa and Grandma have 7 grandkids to love on...

This is a great group of kids!
The boys clearly outnumber the girls of you families might need to help even out the score here! ;)

Sweet Levi may need a sister in his future I would say!

That face, those eyes, that skin...AHHHH, gives me baby fever!

This little girlie is going to have some serious protectors in those older brothers of hers!

There is a fantastic eye gene in this family I would say!

The Gossett Sisters.
Deanna, Amanda and Melanie
So much fun, so sweet, so glad to know them!

The "original" Gossett Family.
This mama and daddy have so much to be proud of!

Let's get real though...this is real life for a group like this.
Especially one that's as fun as them!

Thank you so much to the extended Gossett Family for allowing me to capture each of your incredible all are so blessed to have such an incredible group of people to call family!

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