Tuesday, February 21, 2012

a true miracle - Quad Cities Infant Photographer

The parents of this little man (who happen to be great friends of mine) have quite the story about what a miracle little Nile is.
My friend, Melissa has the same condition that I have which causes infertility. She dealt with infertility for years before she and her husband were blessed TWICE in one year with a daughter and a son through adoption. They waited mere days before being selected to be the parents of their first, and then were surprised and had a couple of weeks to prepare for the arrival of their 2nd. What they didn't know is that God had another surprise for them! They found out they were pregnant with their 3rd just over a year after adopting their first 2 blessings!
And here he is...at 8 weeks old.
Nile Matthew Morris...

Thank you so much for letting me photograph your little miracle!

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