Monday, October 11, 2010

Blessed: Quad City Photographer

Photographs have always been my most valued possession.
I think if my house were to catch on fire, aside from my family, the first thing I would grab would be photographs.
As I have been going through and editing several of the images from this weekend, I suddenly just felt so blessed.
What an honor it is to be trusted by all of the lovely families I've photographed. Trusted to capture these memories for them. It's not easy to get yourself and children ready and put together for photographs. Then, on top of that, to act silly and crazy and do all you can to make your little one smile or hold still, to stand in front of the lens trying to flash your most beautiful smile while looking natural and comfortable when the person behind the camera is a complete stranger. It's just not always the most comfortable situation...definitely not something you want to have to go through again because you're not happy with the images you got. So, like I said, it is a true honor to have that trust from my clients to do this for them.

And with are several more of the moments I captured this weekend of all of these lovely families...

How could there be a better job than this?!
I don't believe there is.

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