Monday, September 14, 2020

The Leone Family - Quad Cities Family Photographer

I remember the first time I met this family and they had a set of young twins and Caleb didn't tower over Emily!  It feels like just yesterday!  We meet each year on Labor's just a standing appointment at this point.  And each year they kill it.  They are so awesome and just as gorgeous of human beings as they are on the outside!  This session was filled with wind, sprinkling, getting scolded by a cop (oops), one of these people dropped their drawers to show off some artwork (this is how close we've gotten! LOL) and another had to relieve himself in the woods.  I won't mention who did what. HA!  One thing that has remained the same year after year is that they are one of my favorite families to photograph and always make it easy on me!  I just adore this crew!

Check their sneaks below!

Thank you so much for the fun session!  It never is lost on me what an honor it is that you choose me each year.  Thank you.  I just love your family!


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