Saturday, July 9, 2016

Monika - Quad Cities Senior Portrait Photographer

You guys...this girl was SO FUN to photograph!  She is like a model!  So beautiful, but you know what?  She was about the sweetest thing ever also!  Beautiful inside AND outside!

I had just the best time with her!

I'm pretty sure I could have placed her in ANY setting and she would have looked incredible!

And this shot might be one of my favorites from the session.  She wasn't ready for me, I was taking a test shot and THIS.  Oh.Em.Gee!  I can't even.

Thank you, Monika for stepping in front of my lens for a couple of hours.  It was truly a pleasure to get to know you and photograph you.  You are beautiful on the inside and out and I know that you will be successful in whatever path you choose going forward. :)  I can't wait for you to see all of your pictures!

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