Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hudson's 1st Birthday Party - Quad Cities Event Photographer

Hudson had the most adorable Elmo 1st Birthday Party!

His Mama did it up right!  There were tons of wonderful family and friends there to celebrate Hudson turning one and it was a pleasure for me to photograph the event. :)

The cake was amazing and since the Coberlys are so fantastic...they even let me have some and I must say, it TASTED just as good as it looked!

Hudson was showered with wonderful gifts...

And all of the sweet guests looked on as he opened them...

After some play time, it was time for cake!

We all sang "Happy Birthday" and awaited Hudson's big mess he would make!

He seemed pretty excited at first...

"uh, wait a minute...I'm not so sure about this"

And then this happened and it was just about the cutest thing ever!

So Hudson got a little break.  He wasn't into eating cake AT ALL.  They let him calm down and the guests started eating dessert...

YUM!  The cake was good, Hudson was calm now...let's try and give him a cupcake!

Nope...NOT interested!

There is a slight chance he was a bit tired and there was not a shortage of loved ones to cuddle him!

We grabbed a few more pictures because we knew he was about to crash!

The lovely grandmas in his life...

And the Grandpas too!

Some Mommy and Daddy love...

...and this birthday boy was OUT!

He is fiercely loved by so many, that is for sure!  It has been a pleasure to photograph the milestones in this sweeties 1st year and I look forward to continuing to capture images of him as he grows!

Happy Birthday, Hudson!

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  1. Wow!! Such a lovely birthday party. Good to see the elegant arrangements done. Have to plan my niece’s birthday party at an event space and thinking of arranging frozen birthday theme. She will love it for sure.