Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hudson's Birth Story - Quad Cities Birth Photographer

I spent the last several days immersing myself in the edits of this incredible session I had the honor to photograph.  There was no other way to accurately portray these images than this.  They had to be viewed in chronological order to see the full story of Hudson's debut into the world.

There is just nothing more beautiful and emotional and intimate than bringing a child into this world.  To have been asked to be there and capture this time for Danielle and Evan was truly one of the hugest honors of my career as a photographer.

A huge thank you goes to Danielle and Evan and their families.  They were all so wonderful about me being there.  This new family of 3 has the most incredible support system and is surrounded by so much love!

Hudson was long awaited and he is finally here!

Welcome to this world, Hudson Pahl Coberly!

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