Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cool Kid - Quad Cities Family Photographer

Yes, this time, little Daniel was a "cool kid". As opposed to last year when I did his portraits in 195 degree weather. It is a photoshoot I will never forget doing...hottest photoshoot ever. We were all sweaty! This year it was a beautifully warm day and Daniel is always a sweet subject!

I was thrilled to get to shoot his mom and dad this year as well!
Sean worked with his mom is Clinton and that's how she found me to do Daniel's photographs.  We totally hit it off last year.  I feel like I've known her much more than just 2 short meetings! 

I would say that Daniel was pretty proud to show off his Mommy and Daddy as well!

So much fun...great people...sweet kid.

Thank you for your patience in getting these pictures, guys!  With the unexpected chaos that ensued in our lives just after your shoot, I couldn't have asked for more understanding clients than you!
Same time next year? ;)

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  1. We just love you Jennie!!! You are the greatest!!! Can't wait to do it do amazing work!