Friday, May 11, 2012

Playing at the park - Quad Cities Children Photographer

I had a blast with these 2 kiddos on Wednesday morning!  I've said this before, but when I meet a new client, those first moments when I meet them are my favorite.  I see a child, look at their eyes, hair, attire, demeanor and instantly have a vision for how the images will turn out.  I get so excited.  Usually the parents are worried their kids will be really shy or won't smile...I'm not worried though.  it never fails, they always cooperate eventually.  Even if it's for short seconds at a time...I manage to get the shots. :)

These two were FUN, super expressive, busy, adorable kids.  The perfect kind for my type of work!

This was the VERY FIRST picture I took of the session.  I KNEW instantly, it was going to be a good session. :)

She looks like a DOLL to me, her name is Kaylee and she is a stunner to say the least.  She JUST turned 3 and having a 3 year old myself, I know it's a hard age.  Not for this one!  She was absolutely angelic (just like she looks in the picture an angel!) and her response to all of my "would you like to go stand by those flowers?  Would you show me how high you can jump?  Can you smile for me?"  was a simple, "mmmhmm".  And then she did it.  I mean, modeling could very well be in this one's future!
And c'mon!  Her brother is one seriously handsome dude!  I mean, to produce 2 unbelievably gorgeous children in a matter of 14 months (yup, that's how close in age they are...bless their parents!) is a feat in and of itself.  They make some good looking kids!!!

This is Cameron...he will be 2 in July.  He was busy, just like a typical 22 month old would be.  When I captured his smile, I KNEW it was genuine.  He was a blast to chase around and capture in picture!
And these kids' mama was super laid back thank goodness.  I decided to hop in the fountain to capture some shots of the kids and then got an idea.  So what if it's "technically" illegal to get into the fountain, so what if the water is about 40 degrees in there and the kids are in their nice clothes.  I mean, it was going to make for some great pictures, so I suggested Kaylee hop on in!  And in her cooperative nature, she did just that.  And with a "would you like to kick the water?" from me and a quick responce of  "mmmhmmm" from Sweet Kaylee, I captured of my favorites from the day!  Soon after, even Cameron joined us in the fountain and they were both completely drenched.  Hey, we were at the end of the shoot, so no biggie right?!  Actually, as any mommy of a 1 and 3 year old would be, their mom was prepared with fresh, dry clothes for them to change into. :)
And just because I have so many great shots of these two, here are a few more I couldn't resist sharing...

And this one just might be my favorite of the 2 of them together.  I love me a "real life" type of shot.  And this captures real life for sure!

Thank you for allowing me to photograph your gorgeous children, Jennifer!  It was a pleasure to spend an hour with you all!

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